OCTOBER 20 - 21, 2023






Builders qualify with one of three possibilities!

1. Build your own engine (not machine work). 

You must start with a bare block and build engine up to the point where it is running in the car by the DRIVER.

2. Build your own chassis. 

Yes, this includes building a cage in your car also for proper CERT of speed by the DRIVER. Welding proper fitting etc.

3. Build your car from the ground up.

This means you can start with a bare chassis and a built engine but you must prove you did all the fab work, paint and body, etc. to qualify as a builder — must be extensive work done by the driver. And must have built the entire vehicle. This one will be the hardest and the most scrutinized when in review so document well.

Yes, people can help with heavy lifting and where more than one hand is needed. But when you’re done credit MUST go to the driver for the  work!!  You DO NOT need to qualify as a builder for the daily driver class!!!


It’s up to you to show that you built your own car in one of these three ways or more. The DRIVER must qualify as a builder — not friends or family etc.

Wiring your car or plumbing, installing a motor, installing wheels, bolting on suspension parts will NOT qualify you as a builder.

Think hard work harder and good luck!!!

If you get accepted you’ve already won! congrats on your knowledge and hard work. You are getting ready to race some of the best in the world!


A panel of five people in the industry are going to review all of the submissions and vote on them. These five people will not be revealed to the public as they do not want to deal with anybody that is upset because they did not make the cut.


DONT send them to Joe in anyway! He doesn’t review the submissions.
The website is up and there is a submission page for you to be able to send in videos,photos,text etc.

There will not be many questions if any on the submission page about your build.  Never has a builder had a problem explaining what it is that he or she has built.  Take your time with this you are not racing yet. Include social media posts, old photos  — anything that you can think of that gives you credibility.  Sending your photos, submissions and your story to anybody else will not help you in anyway.

We thank you for the support that we are getting across the country.  It is absolutely insane and we hope that all of you can respect what we are trying to do.

Lying on a submission to be able to enter the race would probably not be a good idea as sponsors, racers, tech guys are looking to set an example to someone who is lying.

So please support the cause and I hope you all get to show off your work and your knowledge at the Builder’s Brawl. Even if you don’t qualify as a builder, we hope that you show up and support what we are trying to do.

Everyone at that track would be more than willing to lend a hand to help you and teach you if you are willing to learn the knowledge to see to it that you can be at the next Builders Brawl race. Let’s be a part of something great that’s never been done before!