MAY 26 - 27, 2023

Memorial Day Weekend

Cordova , Illinois


1. Must manually shift your vehicle no automatic shifting allowed. Auto Electronic or air is prohibited

2. Any tire size is allowed

3. Any engine combination is allowed

4. Anybody body type such as steel, fiberglass, carbon fiber etc. is allowed

5. Any four wheeled vehicle race cars are allowed — funny car, altered, door cars, dragsters,Small tire big, tire cars, etc.

6. Any fuel is allowed

7. Bikes and jet cars prohibited

8. Safety equipment is a must

9. Must Pass Builders Brawl tech safety, chassis, etc.

10. Times will be posted on board. 

11. Must qualify as a builder

12. No weight restrictions

13. No delay boxes or throttle stops



On Friday night at 5 o’clock during testing, we will advertise on social media that we will be drawing chips from a hat. 5.60,5.70,5.80 and 5.90.

We will draw and find out what the index will be for the event. This will allow you to test your car on Friday night to get the upper advantage for Saturday’s race. We will also allow a test hit on Saturday for everyone.

This is an index race that is not set in stone until the night before the race. This race exists for you to show how well you can tune the car and compete. Index racing is difficult. This is next level.