MAY 3 - 4, 2024



RWYB 4.50

1. Must manually shift your vehicle no automatic shifting allowed. Electronic or air is prohibited

2. Any tire size is allowed

3. Any engine combination is allowed

4. Anybody body type such as steel, fiberglass, carbon fiber etc. is allowed

5. Any four wheeled vehicle race cars are allowed — funny car, altered, door cars, pro mods, dragsters,Small tire big, tire cars, etc.

6. Any fuel is allowed except gasohol

7. Bikes and jet cars prohibited

8. Safety equipment is a must

9. Must Pass Builders Brawl tech safety, chassis, etc.

10. Times will be posted on board. 

11. Must qualify as a builder

12. No weight restrictions

13. No delay boxes or throttle stops

******* ATTENTION *******
Small Tire and Big Tire CAN enter the 4.50 Index Race after first round eliminations of big and small tire class. This will be time sensitive you might need to hurry to enter we will have a small delay in the program for you to do so.

If you leave big tire or small tire class after first round to compete in the RWYB 4.50 class it will be $150 Buy in.